Shaken Not Stirred - Click for Larger ImageYou’ve heard of the tail wagging the dog and putting the cart before the horse, but coming up with the band name before assembling the band is kind of a new one.

Still, that’s just what Jerry Gordon, founder of the local eight-piece ensemble "Shaken Not Stirred" did.

"The type of music we're playing right now, from the '70s and '80s is the music we grew up. The generation that's out in the clubs right now is really interested in hearing this type of music again."

Shaken Not Stirred is:

Jerry Gordon:   Band founder and lead guitarist. Mark Pribbernow: Bass guitar.
Tony Abitz:   Tony is considered the heartbeat of the band. For over 16 years, Tony has developed his drumming skills and flawless timing. Prior to "Shaken Not Stirred", Tony had been the drummer for the bands "Outbreak" and also "Power Glide". Wayne Sharkey: A lead guitarist and lead vocalist with "Shaken Not Stirred". Wayne is no stranger to the Rock N Roll world. In the late ‘70s/early ‘80’s, Wayne played rhythm/lead guitar and sang lead vocal in Central Wisconsin's rock bands under the names "Bad Habit", "Travesty", and "Low Rent Blues Band".
Jason McKay: Saxophone and percussion with "Shaken Not Stirred". Jason is a student of Music Business from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. He is in his eleventh year of study on the saxophone. Along with the saxophone he also plays guitar in the band "Sefton". Tracie Lenz:  Tracie began taking organ lessons at age 4. Over the years, her musical interest extended to the flute and to singing. She is a former member of the band, "High Impulse with the Rippin’ Horns". Tracie is now the keyboardist and vocalist for "Shaken Not Stirred".
Lisa B: Lisa has been singing and playing instruments since childhood and studying music through college. Past bands include "The Cheeters", "Brian McLaughlin Band", "Rhythm Kings", "Rachelle & Red Hot Rattlers", "Clyde Stubblefield Band", "The Temperaments", "The Reasons", "Gary & The Gators", and "Nightshift". Lisa is the lead vocalist and contributes percussion and winds with "Shaken Not Stirred". Jodi Klesmith: Jodi has always been actively involved with music. She began singing in the church choir as a child; and she then went on to participating in various school choirs and performing in musicals. She is no stranger to being on stage. Jodi is making her band debut as a vocalist with "Shaken Not Stirred".
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